Helping to start, supporting in development


Our Value

Investments at the pre-seed & seed stage

The follow-on model — the best pre-seed can get a seed.


Our partners are 100 VC funds and business angels. We will take care of fund raising for you.

Analytics and project tracking

We work with each startup individually, taking into account all the nuances and details.

We invest up to $30k in startups with a strong team and development potential.
Teams that have shown strong growth in 3-6 months since the first investment round will be able to attract the next round of investments from the fund up to $300k.

What we are looking for

Hacker + Hustler

Growing Market


Sustainable competitive advantage



Sergey Bogdanov

Managing Partner

Elena Pozharnova

Managing Partner

Kirill Primaka

Investment Manager

Matvey Veretennikov

Investment Analyst

Maria Lapazina

Investment Analyst

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